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Accreditations and Certifications

 The ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) is an internationally recognized body that certifies the quality standards of companies.
The Accademia di Italiano started its road to accreditation in 2006 as proof of its commitment to constantly improve the services and the quality offered to its students/clients. The certificate ISO 9001-2008 n. 4382 which was rapidly obtained and has been renewed every year since, is a trademark of the quality of the organizational and managerial processes and procedures  of the Accademia di Italiano and puts a stamp on our commitment to the continuous improvement of the services we offer.
Among the numerous benefits associated with the constant monitoring of the Quality Systems of the school, one can observe the consistently high level of student satisfaction on the feedback forms which are filled out every 4 weeks during the group courses and at the end of the individual programs.


The exams CELI (Certificazione della Lingua Italiana), administered by the Università per Stranieri di Perugia, certify the level of knowledge of the Italian language according to the classification of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages, which defines 6 levels of competence of increasing level from A1 (beginner) to C2 (advanced). 


The Accademia di Italiano is a school aproved by CSN, the government body that manages the scholarships for study abroad for Swedish students.

Thanks to its accreditation with the Region of Lombardy (Registration Number 502), the Accademia di Italiano is recognized by the Italian government and can perform courses funded by the State, by the Region of Lombardy, by the European Social Fund, and by the Joint Inter-professional Funds; in addition, it completely fills all the requirements of the Italian Consular Authorities for the emission of student visas.


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