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Individual Voice and Diction Courses

10-20-30 hours | Flexible Schedule and Personalized Program

In any communicative situation, what does one want to accomplish? Express oneself without accent or trace of regional dialect, make oneself understood, persuade others, hold the attention of others, be appreciated for the appropriateness and accuracy of the language.

What is the best way to reach this target?
To reach this goal, it is important to possess convincing arguments, to demonstrate linguistic competence, and to be clear and effective, but it is not only that. In order for communication to be effective, for the message to reach its end goal, the ability to position oneself in front of, as well as to sell oneself to, another person is very important. In any exchange, correct pronunciation, and the regulation of one's voice in relation to the person and the context must not play a secondary role.
From this standpoint, diction courses offer the tools to acquire those  communication skills that favor the transmission of the message. They therefore include practical exercises aimed at improving diction and the use of the voice while stressing the development of pronunciation deprived of both regional characteristics and artificial mannerisms. At the end, attention will also be paid to how to use and carry the body, both of which are equally important components in effective communication.

For whom is the course intended?
This course,  which is open to everyone, is especially designed for teachers, journalists, lawyers, managers, business professionals, tourist guides and to anyone needing to perfect the use of their voice while working on eventual defects in pronunciation and eliminating the influence of regional dialects.

Structure of the course
The diction course is structured in individual lessons: this allows an ad hoc program to be laid out and to reach the fundamental goals of the training program while respecting the times and individual targets laid out at the beginning.

In addition to guiding the student in learning the correct pronunciation of the Italian language, the courses promote the use of basic ideas and fundamental mechanisms that govern speech, including the mastery of  public speaking techniques.

Topics covered
phonetics - articulation - accent elimination - breathing from the diaphragm - voice training and development - voice projection/resonation - effective development of the understanding and internal logic of a discourse - importance of body language - expressive reading - public speaking.


  Course Description


 10 individual lessons    500 €  
 20 individual lessons    980 €  
 30 individual lessons    1.440 €  
 Annual registration fee 70 € 


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