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Italians Language School. Italian courses and lessons for foreigners in Italy in Milan and Monza. Courses and lessons all year round, at different levels and with various durations- weekly, monthly, two, three or six months, annual, as well as full immersion intensive courses. Summer courses plus certificate and university entrance exam preparatio. Company italian courses for foreigner.

Social life

our social programme is
not only a great fun but
will speed up
your learning progress

CILS Exame Centre

Siena University
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next session on June 11, 2015
register within april 30 2015

Discover why

our students say
they would reccommend us
to friends
and acquaintances

Living in Milan

a day in the life
of an AI student
one of our
general italian course

with Accademia di Italiano


WHAT students say
about Accademia di Italiano


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Partenza ogni 15 giorni (principianti) - Altri livelli: ogni lunedì

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